8th International and 15th National Meeting on Social Policy

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The 8th International Meeting of Policy Social and the 15th National Social Policy Meeting will be held 8th and 11th, June 2020, at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (Vitória / ES). The event is promoted by the Postgraduate Program in Social Policy (PPGPS), linked to the Center for Legal and Economic Sciences (CCJE) of the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES).

The central theme of this edition is: "Social question, violence and public security: challenges and perspectives".

Since the 1970’s, we have suffered the battering of successive crises of capitalism, which have only increased in drama and breadth, as evidenced in the wake of the so-called "sub-prime crisis", which erupted in 2007/2008. The unfolding of this crisis over the last decade has led governments to implement neoliberal economic policies characterized by"austerity".In Brazil, specifically, after the deep crisis that started in 2015, the weakupturn in 2017 did not lead to more sustained growth in 2018. Growth expectations of 2.7% released at the end of the year, for 2018, were revised down in June, to only 1.6%. This situationfurther diminishes the conditions forraising income from taxesat all levels of the federation.Set against this backdropandwith the institution of Constitutional Amendment no. 95/2016, the country faces deep cuts in the financing of social policies, extending to health care, social assistance and education. These are the challenges that the 8th International and 15th National Meeting of Social Policy intend to discuss, to advance not only the critical issues, but proposals and alternatives to the setbacks resulting from these austerity policies.